Session 8


Session Coordinators: Enrico Marchi – Università di Firenze, Prof. Raffaele Cavalli – Università di Padova, Dott. Raffaele Spinelli – CNR

Forest operations play a key role in the application of sustainable forest management. Methods for collecting wood and for forest operations implementation are critical aspects in the light of maintaining and enhancing forest productions and the other ecosystem services that forests provide to society. Within this context, forest operations require further development towards innovation and labour qualification. A modern approach to forest operations should take into account technological development, planning, monitoring and training, with special attention to the following aspects:

  • Use of machinery and equipment for forest operations, including those for forest operations on steep terrain;
  • Technologies for forest biomass production, including both wood chips and firewood. In this context, a specific link to coppice management should be developed;
  • Interaction between technologies and environment in forest operations, analysing the potential impacts and/or effects caused by forest machines and equipment on soil and remaining trees/regeneration, air quality, terrestrial and aquatic fauna, and landscape amenity.