Session 7


Session Coordinators: Leonardo CASINI (Università di Firenze), Augusto MARINELLI (Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali), Severino ROMANO (Università della Basilicata)

 The Italian national forest system is undergoing a very complex development, which, in various respects, is even contradictory. Forest areas are growing, but the conditions of many of them are gradually deteriorating, both for natural causes, linked to the entry of new pathogens, and for anthropogenic causes, such as management abandonment and the associated phenomenon of fire. At the same time, society’s interest in forest resources is constantly rising, because of both the demand for recreational activities in the forest and the growing awareness of the role of forests in the preservation of the territory.

In this context, the general objective of the session is to analyse the conditions for an economic sustainability of the forest system. The programme of the session will be developed by addressing three main topics:

  • The economic aspects related to improving the production efficiency of ecosystem goods and services: technological innovation and best practices from forest uses to the various processed products, improvements in the supply chain, bio-economy, logistics and trading/distribution infrastructure.
  • The enhancement of national forest productions through the development of sustainability certification and marketing tools.
  • The financial resources for the forestry system with particular attention to the evaluation of non-market services (evaluation of the services produced, remuneration tools, multifunctional planning tools, connection with RDPs, etc.) and measures to reduce social exclusion and economic marginality.