Session 6


Session Coordinators: Filippo BRUN (Università di Torino), Rinaldo COMINO (Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia), Piermaria CORONA (Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria – CREA), Sandro DETTORI

 The session is dedicated to the management and enhancement of forest and silvopastoral productions. In a context of relevant social and economic changes, such resources, often under-utilized, can represent a driving force for the development of rural and mountain areas, and more generally of the internal areas, where these activities are mainly concentrated. Various issues (from land, infrastructural, normative, social and cultural standpoints) clash in these territories along with the need to maintain an adequate level of the quality of life for the local populations, through the creation of economic added value by sustainable management and responsible use of the environmental resources.

The growing interest for forest products and woodland areas, coherent with the responsible consumption needs increasingly felt by the public opinion, can support, if well directed by efficient planning and suitable environmental, landscape and forestry legislation, local supply chains with limited environmental impacts, which can activate economies based on bioenergy, on timber as an ecologically and economically efficient building material, on quality products and on tourism.

In this session, contributions are expected that, in addition to illustrating the productive potential of Italian forests in terms of woody and non-woody goods, highlight the results of successful cases, with examples of active management and enhancement of forest productions, like e.g. product innovations, management integration (consortia, districts, land associations, etc.) and commercial integration (proximity supply chains, integrated agroforestry supply chains, territorial brands, etc.).