Session 12


Session Coordinators: Giovanni BOVIO (Università di Torino), Vittorio LEONE (Università della Basilicata), Cristina RICALDONE (Regione Piemonte), Donatella SPANO (Università di Sassari)

The general objective of the session is to identify the lines of forest fire protection in the coming years.

The following points will be developed:

  • analysis of fire regimes and their interrelation with climate change, socio-economic factors and land use;
  • fire behavior prediction;
  • forest firefighting planning experiences (L 353/2000), with particular reference to “smart management” and to the evolution of planning criteria for national and regional protected areas;
  • the role of silvicultural prevention, with particular reference to integrated land management, prescribed fire technique and self-protection in rural and urban communities.
  • restoration of forest and rural environments damaged by fires;
  • future prospects of forest protection considering the complexity of the environmental aspects.

analysis of the current fire suppression organization in Italy, pursuant to Legislative Decree 177/2016, with particular attention to the operational procedures, in order to highlight examples and situations of good organization, above all with a uniform approach