Round Table – Forest sciences between University and job

Coordinator: Pierdomenico Spina (AUSF)

The forest heritage, being an important resource for our country, absolutely needs to be managed to reach full potential. Entrusting this task to a core of competent people becomes essential, therefore the university education should be adequately targeted. In addition to focusing the attention on the different Italian universities’ situations, it is essential to realize that it is necessary to combine the provision of knowledge with practical experiences to define a more complete professional training. This is the reason why the student associative world has a key role: thanks to its ability to expand the possibilities offered by the university, it generates new communication points and, as such, it should therefore be an integral part of the university and receive concrete support from it. Finally, it is important to take into account institutional and legislative changes and, consequently, to develop and take into consideration new technologies and opportunities that are being developed for the forestry sector.