Sustainable forest management in protected areas: national parks and nature reserves

Coordinators: Nazario Palmieri (Comando Unità per la Tutela Forestale, Ambientale e Agroalimentare Carabinieri – CUTFAA), Franco Pedrotti (Università di Camerino)

 To date, no criteria have been agreed for the conservation and management of forests within the protected areas. In particular, the following should be kept in mind: 1) Italy is a country with a great variety of forest environments; 2) within the protected areas there are alpine, Apennine and Mediterranean scenarios, with a large phytocenotic biodiversity; 3) forest populations are complex biological systems and the production of goods and services is not a primary objective, but is a consequence of the type of management adopted; 4) the current legislation provides planning tools useful for the management of forests in reference to the different ecological conditions. The following discussion topics are proposed for the round table:

  • protected areas and forests;
  • conservation status of protected area forests;
  • restoration of the forests (today in a state of regeneration, degeneration and regression) within the protected areas;
  • zoning of the territory of the national parks according to the framework law;
  • management of forests in national parks, zones A;
  • sustainable forest management in national parks, zones B, C and D;
  • forests in state nature reserves;
  • forests in the regional and provincial protected areas;
  • regional and provincial state forests;
  • Italian forests heritage of humanity (UNESCO);
  • proposal of a “manifesto” for the forests of protected area.