Forest management and comunication

Coordinators: Marco Marchetti (Università del Molise), Paolo Mori (Compagnia della Foreste), Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza (Università della Tuscia).

Silviculture has a fundamental role between natural dynamics and social needs. The most part of forest values are connected to silvicultural choices, knowledge and activities and imply an active and sustainable forest management. So far, the Italian forest sector has had difficulty in transmitting a clear and strong message, either within it both towards the stakeholders and the society as a whole.

The purpose of this Round Table will be to define, with the collaboration of the spokesperson of the XIV Congress sessions, the reference points for a communication strategy to be implemented in the short and medium period. Therefore, the following activities will be carried out.

  • Presentation of a video documentary (8-10 minutes) made by a TV manager. The theme will be the backwards course of woody device from the place where they are used to their forest provenance, passing to members that, using forest knowledge, have allowed that they could be produced in a sustainable way.
  • Presentation of a short video (3-4 minutes), produced by Compagnia delle Foreste with mixed video shooting and motion graphic joint to some testimonial, on the theme “the silviculture are the answer”.
  • Presentation of an example of direct disclosure addressed to a generic public through a channel of great diffusion as the TED Talks and EFI’s communication tools.
  • Discussion with the spokepersons of the fourteen Congress sessions and other external guests, on a strategy of short and medium period to improve communication toward stakeholders and politicians at national and regional level.